"Those at the top of the mountain didn't just fall there"

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Areas of Speciality:


• Sports Specific Conditioning

• Stability Training

• Kettlebell Training

• Corrective Exercise Training

• Flexibility Training

• Strength Training

• Power Training

• Functional Movement

• Core Functioning

• VipR Training

• Weight Loss

• Bulgarian Bag Training

• Circuit Training

• Running Specific Training

• Rehabilitation




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I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, 10 of which I have been coaching and managing Personal Trainers in leading Health Clubs, where I have noticed a common theme occurring, a lack of the “Personal” touch. Training should be about the client and their personal goals, not about the Health Clubs budgets and targets.


A fortune need not be spent on wasted gym memberships to receive all the benefits from a gym environment; working with a Personal Trainer at “In Pursuit of Excellence” will help you to break your own limitations to achieve your goals. It is simple; with our guidance and expertise we will put a programme in place that is suited to your way of living.


I am a certified Personal Trainer specializing in Functional Fitness, Nutrition and Psychology. My passion for fitness and helping others achieve in life is all I need to succeed in mine





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James Leverington

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James Leverington

Email: james@ipoe.co.uk

Location: Kent and Southeast London



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“Every reaction is triggered by a subconscious action”


Your brain is the catalyst for all you do, whether that is overcoming obstacles in your working day or social life, or even overcoming barriers on the track or sports field. Whatever it is, don’t let it be the thing causing you stress, worry or even anxiety, as these will diminish your ability to be your best.


If you allow the mind to live with any gremlins, you will find dealing with life very hard to do.


Looking to unlock your fears, get your mind focused on your chosen sport or activity, or are you just in need of getting your emotions in check?


At IPoE we can help you to:


• Understand and break through barriers

• Feel more confident in yourself

• Recognise your own mind

• Stop your emotions dictating your life

• Manage yourself to be the person you want to be and much more







Whether you are looking for a complete change to your eating habits, or just want to tweak your current ones, our advice and guidance will help you to do just that.


Are you looking to change your shape, your mindset or even your energy levels, maybe all three?


Are you looking to add weight, or shed those last few pounds?


Are you in need of feeling better in your own skin, or having a clearer mind throughout the day?


Whatever it is we can help guide you to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you.


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Whatever your bodies needs are we can help you to make sure they are met.


Our structure and experience will support you to your targeted goals and beyond and we will assist you to become more mobile, healthier, fitter, stronger or faster but at a pace you can live with.


Moving or lifting weighted objects is not about getting bigger contrary to some peoples beliefs. Here at IPoE we will use gravity, weights, body weight and different styles of training and equipment to achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.


Remember, “It is not about how much effort goes into the resistance; it’s about how much resistance you create with your efforts”.






“It is not about how much effort goes into the resistance; it’s about how much resistance you create with your efforts”.