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Mind your Mind

Our brains have this innate ability to follow continued patterns that we do not always wish them to follow. Emotionally driven and illogical minds do not help the person that control them, in most daily situations.

Learn to Mind your Mind, by allowing yourself to have emotional and illogical thoughts, in the comfort of your own brain. Then listen to your ideas and thoughts and act only once you have reasoned with yourself to find out the right course of action.

Key actions:

Learn your trigger points (what makes you tick)

Take time (set a pause mechanism into your thought patterns to absorb, digest and process. This will allow you to learn from past experiences)

Think positively about all situations (all is not is always what it seems and it may have a reason to exist)

Have a view of realism with your expectations (not everyone has the same ones)

Then hopefully you will start to learn how to mind your mind.