Love your body

Make sure you are eating ripe and naturally colorful foods and drinking more water. By checking out  what fruits and vegetables are actually in season, it will make sure you are having the best available foods with limited human/chemical intervention.

Regardless of what the advertising says on the packets or what you hear on the news, prepacked foods, drinks and fast foods are not good for you. They have all had some form of human intervention, (increased salts, fats and sugars & a decrease in nutrients). This will change the nutritional value and density of the product/food you are eating.

Chemical imbalance at the cellular level of food is altering our bodies ability to absorb nutrients. When we detect a pathogen our auto response is to automatically fight it, this is the bodies natural defense. The more pathogens we absorb into our bodies, through the foods we eat and the drinks we consume, the more chance we alter our cellular make up. In turn this reduces our bodies ability to defend itself against pathogens, thus making us more vulnerable to disease.

In a word…..Help your immunity to reduce its work load, there is more chance it will be more efficient.  

Grains, legumes, dairy & spices all play a vital role in this process. If you can limit these foods and increase your bodies omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) intake to balance out the omega 6 (pro-inflammatory) increase in our current diets, it will go along way to supporting our bodies ability to deal with pathogens and create a better anti, verses pro inflammatory balance.

Overall we will feel better, sleep better, move better and be better.

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