Sleep…does it matter?

Sleep is a very crucial part of our daily lives, without it we would cease to exist. So why do we take it for granted? Sleep allows our bodies to repair themselves, synthesis our nutrients and recharge our energy levels for another day of fight or flight.

A couple of things to consider:

Complete darkness blackout blinds/curtains

Cool temperature in the room

No late drinking of water/alcohol/caffeine

Noise reduction

Write your thoughts down on a pad before you settle into your pillow

No Television at least 60 minutes before bed (visual stimulation triggers increased brain activity) – try reading a book instead.

All will go along way to helping you to better your nights sleep.


Cocconut oil v’s man made oils

I have used coconut milk, oil, and other products to cook with for years now. Man-made oils shouldn’t even be in your cupboards.

Coconut oil will help you in weight reduction, since it goes straight to the liver and converts to energy. Man-made oils, including canola, sunflower, etc, will stick to the cells in your body and are rancid by the time you get them.

That’s why it’s deodorized and very toxic. For more informarion on coconut and the benefits follow Rob Wolfe Paleo Solutions

Does sleep really matter

Sleep or the lack of is of particular interest to all living creatures. we cannot live without it. Some of us live with more or less than others, but the facts are we all need sleep to live!

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone. It is secreted into the body through the adrenal gland to serve to maintain an energy supply through times of stress and physical activity (Breaks down carbs, Proteins and fats).

High levels through lack of/or poor sleep (along with over training, stress or inadequate nutrition) can lead to breakdown of muscle tissue which can have potentially harmful side affects.

So when you think about staying up late for no reasons other than to watch a movie you have seen several times before, or if you are a parent thinking that you will stay up now you have settled your children, stop and think should I go to bed now, it will have a dramatic effect of your health.

Paleo process

Paleo is a catchy little term for the process of choosing food based on your evolutionary metabolic condition. Instead of eating a diet composed mainly of recent, Neolithic-era, agricultural and processed foods like, grains, dairy and frozen dinners, Paleo eaters choose their foods from meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Adopting this hunter-gather approach to food will keep your body fat percentage in check, your insulin sensitivity strong and your entire body functioning in accordance with its ingenious design.

Our DNA is 99.9% the same as it was in the Paleolithic era why not eat the same.

Eat well – live well.